What our client says

Sundas Naseer

I got Botox injections for wrinkles around my eyes from Dr Khaliq and the results have been absolutely amazing. She explained every step of the procedure and checked in with me days following the procedure. Would absolutely recommend Dr Khaliq to anyone wanting similar procedures. GOOGLE

Safoora Aly

I have had multiple facial treatments in the past. I usually do them every 1-2 months if possible to help and it has kept my skin at bay. I met Dr Khaliq in Utica and she recommended chemical peel alternating with microdermabrasion sessions and since then my skin has been beyond amazing. It really has worked well for the texture and discoloration on the chin/nose area. Definitely recommend her whole-heartedly! GOOGLE

Terri Manning

Dr. Khaliq was very professional in explaining the procedure. The procedure I had done was Botox. I had a great experience and awesome results! My main concern area was between my eyebrows which are called your frown lines. It totally relaxed the area and I had deep lines there. While I was at the spa I had my crows feet done and my forehead lines. What is a girl to do? I wanted the whole thing done while I was there at the spa. I will definitely be going back for some additional services that she offers! Thank you Dr. Khaliq for making me look younger and beautiful! GOOGLE

Evelin Fongon

Dr. Khaliq, I want to recognize you for all that you do. Your outstanding care and service is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your dedication and compassion.
The personal touch You made me so comfortable which means as much as all the medicine in the world. GOOGLE

Villa Road

Thank you for providing outstanding services.
You truly listen, you care and give 100% of yourself and more. I appreciated your attentiveness and checking in with me to see how I was doing during, after and the next day after the procedure. Thank you for always being professional, giving of yourself and going beyond. GOOGLE

Christine Tholany

I’ve been having a lot of skin problems recently, and it left a lot of dark marks throughout my face. I wanted to get rid of the discoloration, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Dr. Khaliq was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me decide on a chemical peel that would be safe for my sensitive skin. She was great throughout the entire process. She explained everything thoroughly and even kept in touch with me the days following the procedure. I am very happy with the results and I am definitely going back to try some of her other services! GOOGLE

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